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Forex definition urban dictionary toolbar

forex definition urban dictionary toolbar

In Forex, the primary currency when bought is long and another is short. British World English toolbar toolbar noun, computing (in a program with a graphical user interface) a strip of icons that can be clicked to perform certain functions. Some programs installed toolbars or special searches or served pop-up ads onto people's machines. A Contract for Difference special trading instrument that allows financial speculation on forex exchange usd to inr stocks, commodities, and other instruments without actually buying or selling those assets. Fed (Federal Reserve) The main regulatory body of the United States of America financial system, whose division fomc (Federal Open Market Committee) regulates, among other things, the federal interest rates. See the list of CFD brokers. VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) A chart analysis method that focuses on the trading volume and the price range.

Urban, dictionary : toolbar

It shows the average rate calculated over a series of time periods. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) A measure of the national income and output for the country's economy; it is one of the most important fundamental indicators in Forex. Broker, the market participating body which serves as the middleman between retail traders and larger commercial institutions. Want to thank TFD for its existence? See the carry trade strategy. Limit Order An order for a broker to buy a lot for fixed or lesser price or sell a lot for fixed or better price. Most programmers eventually have to manipulate bitmaps for icons or toolbars, and most programmers don't have a good bitmap editor available. Moving Average (MA) One of the most basic technical indicators. It is used to realize your profit. Loss may also occur if the profit from a position's closing was lower than the broker's commission.

QE (Quantitative Easing) A monetary policy employed by central banks. Fibonacci Retracements Levels with a high probability of trend break or bounce, calculated as the.6,.8, 50, and.8 of the trend range. Urban Dictionary is the online dictionary with definitions written by everyone. Released monthly by the Conference Board. Scalping A style of trading notable by a big number of positions that are opened for extremely small and short-term profits. Percentage Allocation Management Module (pamm) A broker-side system that allows investors to invest with traders, and allows traders to manage investors' funds using the broker's platform. See the pivot points calculator. Open Position (Trade) A position on buying (long) or selling (short) of a currency pair. Forex traders use VPS to host trading platforms and run expert advisors without unexpected interruptions. Principal Value The initially invested amount of money. VPS (Virtual Private Server) A virtual environment hosted on a dedicated server that can be used to run the programs independent on the user's. See the complete list of Forex brokers. ECB (European Central Bank the main regulatory body of the eurozone's financial system.

forex definition urban dictionary toolbar

What does toolbar mean in, urban, dictionary?

Trailing Stop-Loss A stop-loss level that is moved closer to the current market rate as the position's loss decreases or its profit increases. ATR (Average True Range a standard technical indicator that measures the currency pair's volatility. Order An order for a broker to buy or sell a currency at a certain rate. Above the graphics area is a menu bar and two customizable toolbars. See the full text of any definition. Link to this page). Such price is called a limit price. It involves buying forex definition urban dictionary toolbar and holding the financial assets from the country's financial institutions to provide money supply and keep the prices of those financial assets from falling. STP (Straight Through Processing) A type of order processing that does not require any manual intervention and is fully automatic.

Momentum A measure of the currency's ability to move in a given direction. Since you are not physically receiving the currency you buy nor delivering the currency you sell, the broker should pay or charge an interest rate difference between the pair's two currencies. Its breach can lead to a significant price decline. See today's Urban Word of the Day. SL See Stop-Loss Order below. It is open 24 hours a day, five days a week.

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Floating Leverage A leverage that changes depending on the total size of open positions. Slippage Execution of an order at a rate different from expected (ordered). EA (Expert Advisor) or Robot, forex definition urban dictionary toolbar an automated script that is used by the trading platform software to manage positions and orders automatically without (or with little) manual control. Support A price level where a downtrend stalls. Official Urban Dictionary app! Resistance A price level where an uptrend stalls. RSI (Relative Strength Index) A technical indicator that measures the power of a directional price movement by comparing the bullish and bearish portions of the trend. Vote on definitions you like, share on Facebook, Twitter, txt and email. Profit (Gain) A positive amount of money gained for closing the position. Long A position which is in a Buy direction. Instead, a foreign exchange market exists wherever the trade of two foreign currencies are taking place.

Trend A market's direction established under an influence of various factors. GTC (Good 'Til Canceled) An order to buy or sell of a currency at a fixed rate or worse. Hedging Maintaining a market position which secures the existing open forex definition urban dictionary toolbar positions in the opposite direction. Jobber rarely leaves open positions overnight. Liquidity A measure of markets that describes relationship between the trading volume and the price change. Loss A loss from closing a long position at a lower rate than opening or from closing a short position with a higher rate than opening. If this ever happens to you, here's how to literally lock the toolbars and status bar in place so they don't disappear or move again. Why it Matters: Without this mechanism in place, foreign trade and investment would be impeded. Swaps can be be negative or positive. Technical Analysis A analysis method based only on the technical market data (rates, time, and volume) with the help of various technical indicators. Define any word, whether it's slang or not. Price of the offer, the price you buy for.