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Highest paying work from home nursing jobs

highest paying work from home nursing jobs

Youll need a BS in life sciences at a minimum, and strong early-phase oncology experience. Looking for a job in the medical forex trading is it hard field that offers flexibility and also pays well? View also: Neonatal nurse job description. Do you have any more ideas to add to this list? Being a nurse blogger, you can write on a variety of topics, such as tips and tricks for your fellow nurses or health hacks for the general public. Also Read: 10 Little-Known Ways Nurses Can Make Extra Money. Extensive knowledge and proficiency in critical infant care are vital, especially when working in the neonatal intensive care unit (nicu). PayScale average salary for child psychiatrists : 212,591, clinical Research Associate, the pay range for this fully remote job is 95,000 to 105,000 a year.

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They may find work with companies that highest paying work from home nursing jobs engage in the industry of pharmaceuticals, equipment and other medical products, or organizations that study policies for possible breakthroughs in nursing or medical methods and systems. This will enable them to skillfully fulfill their duties. To attain this career option, a masters degree is required and one must be very effective at communicating with patients. They take various job titles, such as Staff Nurse Home Care, Staff Nurse RN Home Care, among others. Registered Nurse Home Care, rNs working in home cares actually earn more than RNs in hospitals and the regular health care system. Connect with, nurseBuff on, facebook, Pinterest, and, twitter! In many cases, newborns need special care and attentive on that cannot be facilitated by regular nurses. PayScale average salary for pharmacists : 111,424, physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner, this full-time, remote job requires an active board certification in New Jersey and a willingness to apply for licensure in all 50 states. Please note that salaries for the jobs listed below may vary from the average salaries listed by PayScale. To attain this job, you do not need a masters degree, but you must be a registered nurse with a BSN. Insurance Company Nurse, average Earnings: Depend on level and position, the basic work of an insurance company nurse involves managing cases, doing medical coding and conducting clinical research. The good thing about being a medical writer, aside from being able to work from home, is that you can negotiate your payment terms.

Generally, NPs analyze and treat patients independently but in collaboration with other medical or healthcare practitioners. Certified Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (cnnp). The good thing about writing is that you dont need to worry about the extra cost of printing and publishing since most people go after digital copies more. To become a crna, a RN must have completed specialized graduate level Masters degrees. Below are the top 10 nursing specializations of 2014 and their median pay. PayScale average salary for physician assistants : 92,505, principal Medical Writer Global BioPharma. To attain this position a masters degree is not needed. A telemetry nurse is someone that provides patients with special monitoring when they are in intensive care units.

Nurses dont just wear different caps; with experience and advanced training, they also expand their job potentials. Blogging isnt a common nursing job at home but its actually one of the most high-paying jobs you can try. Some healthcare or medical facilities require no less than 5 years of experience in the appropriate discipline or other related areas. With that, it is important to take it as seriously as possible. They are also sometimes called Nursing Education Coordinator or Nursing Educator.

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In cases where no salary information was mentioned in the listing, we included the annual average salary for that job title from PayScale, based on their comprehensive research. . You can apply for an entry level position and write on a wide range of health topics. This can increase their trust and confidence in your services. This is a fantastic remote opportunity, with an annual salary of 115,000 for an experienced medical writer with a BA/BS degree at minimum (advanced degree preferred and at least four years of clinical and regulatory writing experience. A pediatric endocrinology nurse works with young children that are suffering from disease and disorders in their endocrine system. To attain this specialization, you must complete a Progressive Care Certified Nurse Specialization. They earn a median annual salary of 72,571. Please leave a comment below!

They report to the manager or head of a unit or department. If you want to increase your rate, you can take special courses and earn specialties in vaccination, parenteral nutrition therapy and mental health counseling. The median annual salary for this position is 98,000. Job aspirants must possess the qualities of a good leader and a strategic planner to set up effective measures of improving patient care, and the expertise in human resource management. They also work with the parent and child to educate them about further disease prevention and how to stay protected. They earn a median annual basic salary of 96,680. A CNS also acts as a consultant for nursing personnel and outlines methods for improving the delivery of healthcare services. Upon completion of the program, you can expect around the median salary of 88,000. Many nurse anaesthesiologists have a lot of leeway in terms of professional work environment.

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Both levels require you to work closely with highest paying work from home nursing jobs patients and doctors to ensure quality care and help them save time and money from the costs of unnecessary treatments and prolonged hospital stay. With more people choosing to recuperate at home due to the high cost of hospital admission, you can expect more patients looking for home health care nurses to look after their health needs. Nurse Managers are normally accountable to top management. They are decision-makers with competencies in administrative leadership, management expertise, and strategic planning. You can also choose which clients you want to work with and what kind of projects you want to work. To earn, you need to know how to increase your sites traffic. There are those, however, who have pursued higher learning and trained in special clinical fields. To median annual salary is 81,000. This specialization pays a median salary of 112,000 per year.

highest paying work from home nursing jobs

The NP-Neonatal mentioned as item number 3 is a sub-specialization of this genre. The annual median salary for this option is 168,000. Variation in salary within this occupation category depends on several factors, such as years of experience, level of education, kind of industry, company size, and geographic setting. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, the final high paying nursing specialization is a psychiatric nurse practitioner. These nurses are better paid than their counterparts who have opted to remain in their traditional roles. In most countries, they need to be certified by a regulating body. Save, for many professionals in the medical field, the big draw isnt money, its altruism. They perform a range of responsibilities such as, ensuring proper care and attention to illness, injury, and disease prevention by providing diagnostics, treatment, and recovery procedures. This specialization requires nurses to provide patients with care and advice about psychiatric ailments. You can choose to get paid on an hourly basis or after every project. See Also: Top 100 Nursing Blogs That Matter. As a specialized nurse, you can open many doors for yourself and improve your career. However, no matter how much effort and passion you put into your work, there will be times when you just cant help but think about working from home.

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Because medical facilities must keep electronic records from 2014 and forward, the demand for nursing informatics specialists is increasing. The great thing about home health care nursing is that the demand for the job is great. Due to the intensiveness of this position, a masters degree is required. The median annual salary for this position is 106,000 and there is a high demand too. Unlike the entry-level position, working as a senior lets you take on just proofreading and editing tasks but with a much higher rate. They earn a median annual salary of 96,612. For each job on the list below, weve included the salary listed in the job posting. Home Health Care Nurse.

They work under their own independence and they are a higher authority than nearly all nurses. The median annual salary for this position is 95,000. Also Read: 6 Easy Passive Income Ideas for Busy Nurses. An advanced highest paying work from home nursing jobs degree in life sciences is required. Nurse Educators, nurses in the academe earn a median annual salary of 85,585. In case you decide to go with this route, its essential that you provide your patients enough documents and proofs of your qualifications. They review the equipment and data of the patient on a constant basis.

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Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetists (crna). Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist, one nursing specialization that is currently going through a serious shortage is that of a nurse anaesthetist. You may also be tasked to do insurance audits and evaluate illnesses and treatment plans. The best way to move up in a career and to excel is to adopt a nursing specialization. You have to make a lot of sacrifices if you really want to keep the job. Other specialties for a home health care nurse include pain management, wound care and palliative care. A neonatal nurse provides newborns with special case by carrying out physicians orders, interpreting data, and updating records. View also: Average for a NP in 2014. The median annual salary is 81,000. Their responsibilities include collecting and analysing health-related data. These diseases include Alzheimer, Parkinsons, diabetes, and more. Job seekers in the medical sector arent necessarily compelled by the prospect of a big paycheck, but by a sincere desire to help people in need of both routine and emergency medical care.

A typical CNS highest paying work from home nursing jobs makes a median annual salary of 96,S jobholders extend their clinical expertise in various settings or for a range of diseases, and in just about any health problem including wound care, pain management, emergency room situations, womens wellbeing. RNs generally work as staff nurses in hospitals and medical centers. Start your search with this list of high-paying remote medical jobs. A CNM aspirant has to complete an accredited masters degree program and undergo 2-4 years of clinical experience in this particular field before acquiring the appropriate certification to practice. They are usually employed by non-profits and private companies to analyze and create reports based on information that is accumulated from medical practices, nursing products, and pharmaceutical companies. You can also share your transition from working as a full-time nurse to being a blogger and inspire more nurses to take the same path. Orthopedic Nurse, the field of medicine has many facets, including an area that deals with musculoskeletal issues. Medical Writer, average earnings per year: 72, 000, if you have a passion for words and you have great writing skills, you can consider taking up a medical writing job. They perform a variety of tasks that include overseeing daily operations of nursing departments, recruitment and retention of nurses, improving patient care, enhancement of nursing policies and staff relations, and maintaining regulations and faithful compliance with laws. They are also called Nurse Practitioners Neonatal (NP-Neonatal) and make a median annual salary of 107,003. This position requires finishing a post-graduate degree in nursing, with at least 5 years of clinical work experience in a related field.

They also work with patients to come up with a useful treatment and care plan. One of the best ways to do that is to produce original and quality content that can attract readers. As such, they have mastered special competencies and advanced as nurses. There is a high demand for this particular job that is specifically for the care of newborns not more than 28 days old and premature infants. In case you dont want to work for anyone, you can start writing your own eBooks and upload them for sale online.