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Reverse position forex

reverse position forex

When the position is closed on the stop-loss, the loss of this position is equal to the fixed percentage of the free margin. The option works for all types of closing: All symbols, Current symbol, Separate direction BUY and sell, Each order is separate. All values of all fields will be written to global variables! Reply With" Thanks :47 AM #10 Originally Posted by goldeneyes reverse position its when we think the trend will be end and we need to take opposite position to start the other possibility of the trend. Question Answer by the program Exp - VirtualTradePad What are the values in the fields for editing in paragraphs or pips? The tab on Orders automatically changes! Clicking on the arrow will open Time Frame and add indicator. There is also an emergency button - Close ALL. This function sets break-even only for the current positions once. When we want to do reverse position ensure we put tight stop loss. Profitability of the current position in dollars, points and percent of the current deposit.

What is reverse position in forex trading?

The increment of the lot can be adjusted in the settings. It is also possible to open the position automatically when the aggregate signal is exceeded. If you get an error when opening a position 10030 trade_retcode_invalid_fill The unspecified type of execution of the remainder order is indicated Set the type of fill that your broker indicates. If the market currently does not have a sufficient amount of a financial instrument, then the order will not be executed. Stochastic Oscillator StochK - K-period; StochD - D-period; StochSlowing - slowing the indicator; StochPrice - the settlement price; StochMethod is the averaging method. Management : Lots reverse position forex field is the object of lot management.

Entering a new position - reverse strategy forex, factory Forum

ProfitorLoss CLP tab More about this video tab The control panel closes by the general profit reverse position forex or loss in dollars, pips and of the balance. Alligator (ALI) JawPeriod - the period of the jaws, the blue line; JawShift - shift the jaws to the right; TeethPeriod - the period of teeth; TeethShift - shift of teeth to the right; LipsPeriod - the period. Exits are up to you. Takprofit when opening positions. To turn off, you must press OFF.

If YOU set a value with a plus, the EA will automatically move the field to the minus value (for example ) Terms of use: Place the panel on your currency pair. Sell is closed by ASK, and BUY is closed by BID Important : Remember that the price of one item can change with the"tions of other currency pairs. Added the ability to profit trailing. If this option is enabled on the terminal graph, the advisor will draw the opening price, stop-loss, and take-profit lines. This means that the EA is involved in the work. If the field flashes red, then YOU made an error. The item is taken from the value of the Point variable If you have a 5 3 digit broker, then 1 point.00001.001 If you have a 4 2 digit broker, then 1 point.0001.01. The indicator signal algorithm is selected by one of the standard signal detection techniques from standard MetaTrader indicators Info tab info - information tab for the selected symbol in the terminal MetaTrader. Also, you can include the possibility of an automatic opening of positions on excess of interest. When Grids parameter is greater than 1, the Expert Advisor will set the grid of pending orders, with the initial price indicated by the cursor. Take Profit / Stop Loss does not go below 0 or the minimum available on the server.

Reverse, position, wITH ONE click?

Caution : Only works on the current symbol and when the separate Orders mode is off. The percentage at which the position is opened or the signal is notified - can be configured in external settings. To do this, click on the top row of the panel next to the Close and Collapse buttons and drag the panel to a convenient place for you. The information is shown in the form of text labels. Management : Distance - the distance in points for indentation when placing a pending order. Maroon Line 729 EMA.

Reply With" Thanks « Previous Thread Next Thread » Posting Permissions You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your reverse position forex posts Forum Rules Copyright 2019 m All rights reserved. For example 100, the advisor modifies the stop loss to 0 (the opening price) when the position gains 100 points of profit. Thus the 27 (9 X 3). ErrorDescription(error return; /- OrderPrint return(0 /, tRUE, forex). Distance to stop loss in points and dollars. Digitstype Digitss 2; The number of decimal places in the display on the Position tab on the BUY sell buttons Choices of choice: Show_for_4_digits and Show_for_5_digits string CommentOrders " A comment that will be added to the position or order comment when opened. MagicTarget_Place_KEY button_P - Set the order for the displayed levels, according. I find it to be a sort of equilibrium point. The break-even calculation also uses swaps and a commission.

Reply With", thanks :48 PM #6, reverse position, in simple words, I will tell you, keeping in mind the eur/usd rates at the beginning of september, lets suppose it was.2100, and it was rising continuously. Reply With", thanks :19 AM #7 reverse posotion is a time where you thing trend is going to turn and so you have (should) open reverse position, example market is bullish, but 2 hour latter you. Disconnect occurs only when ALL! This means that the line of future profit or loss can change. The daily profit or loss for this currency pair is currently in dollars, in the deposit currency, as well as in percentage of the current balance. Profit - Enables / disables closing on the total profit as a percentage of the current balance. The tab also shows the cumulative percentage of signals in the BUY sell directions.

reverse position forex

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The next LimitFor this parameter is reset. Lines are shown separately for Buy and Sell positions, or a common line. Reply With", thanks :39 AM #9. The Trailing Stop distance is determined by the following field. Example: Order setting price.12345 Rounding to 1 digit.12340 Rounding up to 2 digits.12300 int MagicNumber 777 Magic number for positions and orders, Set when opening. The EA will close positions separately from each other, according to the set profit and loss values in points, dollars, percentages In the panel, you can choose the type of closing: for profit in dollars,. For example: If you open BUY positions with lot.3 and / or sell position with lot.1, then when you use the lock button, the expert advisor will open the sell position with lot.2 and remove all stop-loss and take-profit from all positions. Close if reverse position forex Profit or Loss ON - The closing function for total profit or loss is ON Close if Profit or Loss OFF - The closing function for total profit or loss is OFF Trailing Profit The function of profit trailing at set values. For example: Buy positions are opened, when you click on Reverse - all BUY positions are closed and the sell position opens. MagicTarget_Cancel_KEY button_I - Cancel by the displayed levels, according.

During the reverse position forex move watch for small corrections indicated by a change in color on the HAS but not the extension and on the current. In this case, the parameter CPL_autooff_AfterClose is enabled, then the EA waits until all positions for this currency are closed and only after this the EA can turn off the button. Working Tabs : Positions tab - Work with positions. Control: All Symbols - includes closing on all symbols. Takeprofit / Stoploss - the Take-Profit and Stop-loss for the position. Bool Show_Future_Line false Enables / disables the display of the virtual lines of the future position. RSI indicator rsiperiod - Indicator period, rsiprice - Calculation price Commodity Channel Index (CCI) cciperiod - Indicator period, cciprice- Calculation price Williams Percent Range (WPR) wprperiod- Indicator period, Bollinger Band (BB) BandsPeriod - indicator period; BandsShift - offset to the right;.

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When you see all trend lines converge, wait for the breakout indication to take the trade. This function includes trailing profits (floating profit) at closing. TrailingProfit - distance from Profit, at which achievement the trailing of profit is included. If you have a 4 2 digit broker, then 1 point.0001.01. BE - Set stop-loss to breakeven for all profitable positions. . Check the boxes opposite the items you want to use when closing (Profit Loss in points dollars percents). After the total profit falls below the last fixed level - TrailingProfit, the advisor will close all deals forcibly. Easy and intuitive interface, only the most important functions, quick response to any team. LimitForLosses The loss is indicated in the deposit currency LimitForProfits The profit value in the deposit currency is indicated NotificationMailSend Also you can enable sending messages to mail and phone when reaching the limits NotificationMailSend Other MT5 options filling. The Expert Advisor will store the levels of stops in the array. In the profit field, you can now enter only positive values, if the user entered -10, then the system will automatically translate. If you are on the 30 min you will see the 30 min, the 60min, the 4hr and the daily T3, and so forth. For example : If you set the close at profit 10 dollars: Profit - close in plus.

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Example: FillOrKill This execution policy means that the order can be executed only in the specified amount. For example, the price of 1 point of the eurjpy currency pair and the currency of the deposit is the dollar, the usdjpy rate changes affect. 0 - without magic number - Added MultiMagic. Double CoefLotForGridOrders 1; multiply the next lot in the grid of pending orders when used on the Orders tab Example: CoefLotForGridOrders 2, Grid 5, then the lots will open like this:.1,.2,.4,.8,.16 double AddLotForGridOrders. It is installed to work with the TrailingStop function. As with Take Profit / Stop Loss, this value can not be set less than the minimum allowed on the server. From the zero value, when you click on " Take Profit immediately takes the lowest possible value on the server. Trade with the keyboard. When calculating the profit in points and including the option "Include lots in the calculation of profits the EA finds the minimum lot from the presented positions and, proceeding from this lot, calculates Points. ImmediateOrCancel It means the agreement to make a deal on the maximum available volume on the market within the limits specified in the warrant. The annual profit or loss for this currency pair for the current year in dollars, in the currency of the deposit, as well as in percentage of the current balance. Important Features: If the position is correctly opened, a sound is heard, the same as in the terminal at the opening; If an error occurs, there will be an error sound; You can not set the stop level.

Bool CPL_AlerT false Issue closing message on profit or loss on terminal graph bool CPL_Mail false Issue a message of closing on profit or loss to the established mail bool CPL_Push false Issue a closing message. What actually means by this term. Price invariably tends to return to that level. The step of increasing stoploss can be adjusted in the settings. Profit - how much to close in plus.

Exp - VirtualTradePad Trading Panel One Click Keyboard and Chart Trade

Example: Open 2 positions sell for eurusd sell.01 with a profit of 20 points and.2 sell.02 with a loss of -12 points and -0.24 dollars -When Use_Lots_in_CLP_Points false, the Expert Advisor will calculate the "clean" items. Sell is closed by ASK, and BUY is closed by BID External Variables and Settings Name Description Information options GeneralSize - Added the ability to resize the panel: GeneralSize! Example: UseAllMagicFromAllAccount true then all positions with any magic number will be taken into account when opening, closing, modifying, overturning, information. Main characteristics: The panel works on the symbol that is set (Current Symbol or considers the total reverse position forex profit or loss for all symbols (All symbols). CLP tab - Work with the function of closing on the total profit or loss. Next stoploss will be tightened for the price. He just brings up an alert! The lot does not fall below the lot minimum allowed on the server.

Loss p - Enables / disables the closing of the total loss in points. The name must fully match the name in the Market Review! In auto mode, the Expert Advisor tries to determine the fill type automatically. Double RiskRate 0 RiskRate - the rate of your currency against the dollar. The lot increment can be adjusted in the external settings. If there is more than 1, then the grid of pending orders is opened at a Distance points from each other. I cant explain exactly how a T3 differs but it is much smoother that a regular moving average.

Enable the Close if Profit or Loss button, it should turn blue. Bool Shift 0 Bar number for signal Article on signal bars Signals_M1 - Signals_W1 Enable or disable the display of information on signals for the selected TF Signals_bars - Signals_ALI Enable or disable the display of information by signals for the. Note : Line and price data may not be accurate on the floating spreadsheet. This again is a multiple of 9 (9 X 9). You do reverse then, when your trading of one position become end but keep a good concern in your stop loss with this system. The currency of the information is shown in the currency of your deposit (Dollar, Euro, Ruble, Cents). Distance to take profit in points and dollars. The level of future profit or loss can be influenced by commission and swaps. Purple Line 27 T3 on next higher time frame.

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In this case, the profit is closed not fixed, but with the trailing of the specified value. In order to filter out false trades, look at the Center Window and wait for the first matching color change on the next higher time frame for the entry. Profit p - Enables / disables the closing of the total profit in points. Bottom Window T3 Stochastic. Interface : At the top of the tab, you can see: the name of the currency pair, the current type and the lot of the aggregate position on the account for this currency pair and the magic numbers, as well as the current aggregate profit.

reverse position forex