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Cnbc bad news for bitcoin miners

cnbc bad news for bitcoin miners

Historically, most currencies were based on physical commodities such as gold or silver, but fiat money is based solely on faith." Bitcoin is not legal tender as declared by a government. It's the most volumnous piece on bitcoin in existence. I only added it for balance but the line before it is sufficient. Even if your preferred sources came up with their own definition for bitcoin, Wikipedia should not be basing core definitions off editorials and blogs. Gathering documentation for article edit. Conventionally though, the abscissa (x-axis) is used for time and the y-axis for values.

Bitcoin gold price plunges: What you need to know about the

It will be hard to go by the varying terms and expertise different individuals use. I assumed that it was directed at you. NEO ( talk ) 22:29, (UTC) I'd already put. You have added numerous dubious sources to this article. However, if you look at the second reference on the third bullet point, the source specifically states that, "Fiat money is a creation cnbc bad news for bitcoin miners of both the state and society." Also, investopedia says fiat money is, "Currency that a government. The reuters article states "there are no internal inflationary pressures to devalue it". Yours, ( talk ) 17:09, (UTC) The fiat money article says: The term fiat money has been defined variously as: any money declared by a government to be legal tender. NEO ( talk ) 23:47, (UTC) Maybe timeline could be split to separate page? Marco Guzman, Jr Talk 20:03, (UTC) On the Satoshi Nakamoto paper, he did design it as "cash" or money.

Specifico talk 02:42, (UTC) noooooo! Naivety is no substitution for apt critical skepticism using these real facts. Until then, so. Are there reliable refs making good arguments that it shouldn't be called "fiat"? By allowing currency to be divided to finer fractions, buyers and sellers have cnbc bad news for bitcoin miners greater flexibility in sales and bartering." - NEO ( talk ) 05:11, (UTC) Is the 'Ponzi Scheme' insinuation misleading? Or something like that correcting the error.

Nearly 2 billion has been wiped off bitcoin s value in three

Not just spelling, but grammar. The crash news will be added by transient users cnbc bad news for bitcoin miners regardless. NEO ( talk ) 19:42, (UTC) NOT april fools. Jimrandomh ( talk ) 18:42, (UTC) I will remove Instawallet since it has been hacked. Can somebody highly knowledgeable about bitcoin take a look at the lede of this article help improve the direction which this article should take?

If you believe that it should be described as a currency please state your reasons. It's a student publication. Wired is not an authority on economic and legal issues. I wish I had more time, but I don't. This means that any transaction he/she makes can be traced. May not be factual or accurate, but the claims are indeed noteworthy and come from credible sources. ( talk ) 23:13, (UTC) Despite Wikipedia not being cnbc bad news for bitcoin miners in the business of financial forecasting, I think the readers should have the facts regarding mainstream media analysis of the currency's stability. Mt gox handles exchanges between BTC and other currencies (e.g.

Bitcoin falls below 200, making some investors worry about

As it now stands, it still needs plenty of work, but I don't think its entirely unsourced and biased. What possible sources are you using for this? Very formal guy, unfortunately, so I never really got to know him. Key records will also be backed up on paper. I can cite cnbc and Bloomberg television broadcasts (even post-crash) to further cite the prevalent definition of bitcoin. There are a few sentences in there that are just hard to read because they have not been written properly. Let's look at those four sources. I have a family to feed. KyleLandas ( talk ) 04:33, (UTC) I removed the ecdsa part. If anything, that's questioning his credibility. It's not a currency because no one is obligated to accept.

Otherwise much of this content will not survive. Neoconfederate ( talk ) 07:48, (UTC) Good Article Nomination Just to cnbc bad news for bitcoin miners see how this article can be improved. NEO ( talk ) 00:18, (UTC) I don't think that quite addresses the problem either. That's what it is, although I'm not familiar enough with it or the secondary sources to find properly sourced content. Where are the criticism of it, or any of the debates about. NEO ( talk ) 00:07, (UTC) An image should illustrate the subject.

Wikipedia is cnbc bad news for bitcoin miners not a crystal ball. So I would welcome more participation if it is directed toward the improvement of an encyclopedic treatment of the subject. "Users authenticate the bitcoin log through hashed ecdsa digital signatures (similar to a username and password) by using dedicated servers called bitcoin miners to perform calculations of varying difficulty." Regular users aren't bitcoin miners neither do they authenticate their transactions. All of this said, I wouldn't assingn a lot of space in the article to Zerocoin. Introducing bitcoin as a digital currency with the basic properties of a digital currency: it is a medium of exchange between transactional parties engaging in interpersonal trade) As it stands now, the article seems to be stepping. It may be a digital game of some kind.

Linux Mint Backdoor Puts Users and

Specifico talk 23:08, (UTC) That doesn't mean we define the Titanic as a hunk of metal. What this person actually meant to write. This is my first time doing a wiki 'talk so forgive any mistakes in protocol, but I wanted to argue to remove the line about how bitcoins have been referred to as a Ponzi Scheme. A quick review of the citations in the reference list shows sevveral problematic sources, for example. Paper (ieee Symposium on Security and Privacy 2013, to appear) Blog post Basically it is an additional anonymity layer over Bitcoin using fancier cryptography methods. It is very hard to do make things easier to read when others add writing that is just as technical as it stands today. It's *very* difficult to explain complex subjects simply and clearly and accurately and completely, very difficult indeed. Until it actually "pops I think it shouldn't be a featured topic in the article. Their primary site and Forums are down at the moment as well, due to repeated intrusions by these hackers. Please read the Currency pair article for reference. Specifico talk 03:02, (UTC) Justin Fox makes the very salient point that people have to get used to innovative financial instruments.

Bitcoin Miners at Risk

I rather add it now so it can be well-cited and accurate. There are a lot of people, well known,"ble and notable sources calling it more like a Ponzi scheme, then a currency. Org and should be reflected on the client table. For example, the Washington blog post states: 'Then there are the Winklevoss twins, made famous by that Facebook movie, who turn out to have amassed one of the single largest portfolios of bitcoins aroundsome 11 cnbc bad news for bitcoin miners million, or 1 percent of the.3 billion. I recently added a section on Bitcoin, but it keeps getting deleted ( see talk here ). The negatives about BitCoin Deserve to be in the First Paragraph. Snacks talk 18:06, (UTC) Hello KylieBrooks.

Regardless of how much money the public ledger says the bitcoin protocol will equal to the target, we are staying away. Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 19:00, (UTC) That is not helpful. NEO ( talk ) 22:58, (UTC) Nah, it was just moved up a bit (which I like BTW specifico, makes sense with that paragraph you added it to). If you are serious about mining for the long term, we think it is best to purchase a real miner like the. Please read in on the system if you have any doubts :D Wikipedia is great." - NEO ( talk ) 09:15, (UTC) Edit request Under Economy - Internet Services. It will be resolved in good time. NEO ( talk ) 18:31, (UTC) Additionally, it's not for "a bitcoin" but all bitcoins or the entire monetary base of bitcoin.- NEO ( talk ) 18:39, (UTC) Article is Highly Technical, Lacks Sufficient Parallel Plain English Explanations Wikipedia. I'm don't share your view. Coin-Swap is a cryptocurrency exchange that was recently acquired by GAW Miners. For now, having a heading on an almost per-paragraph basis for some of the article content is unnecessary. Therefore not fiat money.

Nvidia Expects 2/3 Decrease in Sales to Crypto

Besides, do you see Wikipedia mentioning specific merchants that accept the cnbc bad news for bitcoin miners US dollar? Based in the principle of citokate, it was a rather important feature. KyleLandas ( talk ) 23:03, (UTC). Again, if there are any significant monetary losses, they can go into the thefts section along with the rest of them. NEO ( talk ) 20:06, (UTC) All good, we're getting there So now it is "the slow and limited growth of bitcoin's supply." I like the "limited growth" wording, as it captures the fact that growth will stop (which the "slowing. Additionally, your choice of terms isn't cited anywhere in your links.- NEO ( talk ) 01:59, (UTC) m/watch? At this point, it's fair to be very concerned that this WP article might give undue support to the currency claim, possibly to the detriment of casual researchers who accept the currency claim and buy in at unsustainable price levels. Some media articles I've seen are way out of date by the time they are published, even on the web.) Mdwh ( talk ) 23:44, (UTC) Yes, this is an acceptable compromise.

The reason I keep changing it is because the language is often very convoluted although I see the intention in keeping with the citations. You want a change, you find the sources - we're not doing your work for you. We don't create. How can cnbc bad news for bitcoin miners this statement make any sense if Mt Gox handles 80 of transactions? 3 money without intrinsic value.